Penny writes a newsletter about every 3-4 months. The newsletter is about the latest in massage and herbal medicine which Penny may have read about or found out in many of the seminars and conferences she attends.

The newsletter gives you tips on helping your health, whether it be a cold/flu, the immune system, diet, exercise or posture related matters.

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Spring 2017 Edition

In this edition I look at some recent research on the herbal medicine front for: Turmeric and stomach bacteria Super mushrooms for Alzheimer's disease New...

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Autumn Edition 2017

In this issue I talk about two issues. * The benefits of massage as a result of medical research findings. You may be surprised on some of the conditions massage can treat effec...

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Xmas 2016

This is the Xmas edition and the last for the year. Topics include: The neuroscience of pain Massage for eating disorders Weight lifting and aerobic exerc...

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Spring 2016

Todays Spring issue is about two topics: A mini gut health programme that can only take you two weeks and help to improve energy levels and digestion Osteoarthritis...

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Winter 2016 Edition

In this edition of the newsletter I look at Plantar fasciitis a very painful heel condition where massage can help with some exercises and other suggestions thrown in. As winter ...

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Autumn 2016

In this newsletter I cover the following: A particular red plum which is excellent for your blood pressure, heart disease and obesity Antibiotic resistance and prob...

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Latest Newsletter

Autumn Edition 2019

In this early Autumn edition I discuss a couple of topics: Your posture whether at the computer or doing other things. So important for back and neck health long term. I give some handy tips. Want to increase your energy and long term health in a short 30 day programme. Very good to do after the long Xmas/New Year  break.

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