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I visit Penny on a regular basis as my work as a fitness coach means that I often have tight and sore muscles
Kaz Muddell (North Shore and Hills District)

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Penny writes a newsletter about every 3-4 months. The newsletter is about the latest in massage and herbal medicine which Penny may have read about or found out in many of the seminars and conferences she attends.

The newsletter gives you tips on helping your health, whether it be a cold/flu, the immune system, diet, exercise or posture related matters.

You can subscribe to the newsletter on this website or you can unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive it.

AUTUMN 2018 View Issue
In this Autumn newsletter I discuss: Closing times for holidays protein in your diet for improved bone health, How to prevent shoulder issues from developing Restoring gut health I hope you find these articles of interest. 
XMAS EDITION 2017 View Issue
To let you know that the clinic will be closed just for the public holidays in December and January. There will be 3 or 4 days in January for painting but I will let you know closer to the time.  This edition is all about energy work and looking after you health over the Xmas period. Plus some ideas for Xmas gifts.
Spring 2017 Edition View Issue
In this edition I look at some recent research on the herbal medicine front for: Turmeric and stomach bacteria Super mushrooms for Alzheimer's disease New CSIRO dietary recommendations. And for massage:  The damage done to your neck from longterm texting, computer work or your profession and how massage can help.
Autumn Edition 2017 View Issue
In this issue I talk about two issues. * The benefits of massage as a result of medical research findings. You may be surprised on some of the conditions massage can treat effectively. * Natural management of chronic inflammatory conditions. This includes auto-immune diseases as well as osteoarthritis.
Xmas 2016 View Issue
This is the Xmas edition and the last for the year. Topics include: The neuroscience of pain Massage for eating disorders Weight lifting and aerobic exercise to fight dementia Xmas gifts Housekeeping The clinic will be closed from Thursday 26 January to Sat 28 January inclusive. Also, Sat 4 Feb and Mond 6 Feb.
Spring 2016 View Issue
Todays Spring issue is about two topics: A mini gut health programme that can only take you two weeks and help to improve energy levels and digestion Osteoarthritis of the knee and how massage can help
Winter 2016 Edition View Issue
In this edition of the newsletter I look at Plantar fasciitis a very painful heel condition where massage can help with some exercises and other suggestions thrown in. As winter is approaching colds and flu are on the increase so I am discussing lifestyle and herbal medicine ways of treating this common affliction. 
Autumn 2016 View Issue
In this newsletter I cover the following: A particular red plum which is excellent for your blood pressure, heart disease and obesity Antibiotic resistance and probiotics Massage under the NSW Workers' compensation system. Treating your hamstrings at home. 
Xmas 2015 View Issue
This is my final newsletter for 2015.  In this issue we look at: a comparison on the health benefits of traditional oats vs quick oats the benefits of massage Non alcoholic liver disease which is very much on the rise in Australia Xmas opening times are as follows: I will be open up until Xmas Eve then from 29 Dec-31 DEc and on Sat 2 Jan. I will then be closed from Monday 4 Jan and reopen on Monday 11 Jan.  Xmas gifts I have several useful gifts for yourself or friends and family. Gift vouchers - For herbs or massage - $80 Back rolls - For those long trips, going to the theatre or cinema. They help prevent you slumping the back and keep better posture. $28  Comfortable Pillows - Approved by physios and chiros, they are very therapeutic for stiff/ tight necks. $80
Spring 2015 View Issue
In this Spring edition of the newsletter I am discussing : Ways to relax hamstrings where regular stretching has not helped Sleep glorious sleep and how we can improve our sleep so we have a better day.
Winter 2015 View Issue
This is the wnter edition of massage and herbal medicine news. In this issue I talk about: Strengthening your immune system for winter Tennis elbow - How massage can help here A stock take sale of socks, herbs and a therapeutic pillow.  
Autumn 2015 View Issue
Dear clients, This is the Autumn edition of the newsletter. It includes:  Important information regarding my business e-mail address which is changing slightly. Vitamin D and its importance to your health How you can use massage and herbs to reduce the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome
Xmas 2014 View Issue
  Dear clients, Over the Xmas period I will only be closed on 25,26, 27 Dec and Jan1.  This newsletter contains some interesting news on: helping scar tissue to heal Ways to help you combat stress and insomnia which is often an issue for many people in the run up to Xmas. Comfortable Xmas gifts for sale.
August 2014 View Issue
In this newsletter I will discuss the following: New exercise guidelines for Australia Massage for the side of the thighs Treating blood pressure through herbs, diet and lifestyle. I encourage you to read the Department of Health Guidelines for a nation . See where you are in the activity/sedentary stakes, and what you need to do.  Any of you who have knee problems will realise by now that massaging the sides of the thighs will help the knees. And finally, ways of looking at reducing your  high blood pressure through lifestyle and herbs. 
June 2014 View Issue
HOUSEKEEPING To let you know the clinic will be closed from Monday 30 June till Sunday 6 July and will reopen on Monday 7 July.  This issue covers : Improving your microcirculation to give you better health and  the use of massage to help asthma and associated breathing issues
February 2014 View Issue
This is the Autumn edition of the newsletter. In the newsletter I discuss: Detoxification diets for long term health Magnesium and its many uses for your health Orthobionomy - a gentle type of massage
November 2013 View Issue
 This is the final Newsletter for 2013.  Clinic opening times over the Xmas Period The clinic will be closed from Xmas day and will reopen on Monday 30 December. This edition talks about: Xmas gifts Looking after your digestive system over Xmas Benefits of massage after exercise.
February 2013 View Issue
Happy New Year to everyone. Time to get back into the groove workwise, healthwise and tackle other projects put on the back burner from last year. The topics of  this newsletter are detoxification programmes for the New Year, a health project to improve your energy and immune system amongst other health issues and  the use of trigger point therapy for treating shoulder pain. 
November 2012 View Issue
This is the Xmas edition of the newsletter. In this edition there are articles on desk posture, lower back issues, and how to help your back with exercises for those long Xmas road or plane trips. Also, suggested Xmas gifts for those who have everything!
MAY 2012 View Issue
Dear Clients, This is the May 2012 Massage and Herbal medicine news. In this edition I discuss: the use of Echinacea for long distance travel, isometrics - a wonderful type of remedial massage I am using The treatment of stress, anxiety and depression All interesting information.