Quote of the quarter

Aug 17, 2010   |  Penny WadePenny Wade

‘Whatever you appreciate and give thanks for will increase in your life’ - Sanaya Roman ...


Bone health Osteoporosis and bone facts

Aug 16, 2010   |  Penny WadePenny Wade

  Building strong bones takes a lifetime. During the years the body builds new bone and loses old bone. Some bone loss is normal from about 35 years onwards. So, for yo...


Allergy Season

Aug 13, 2010   |  Penny WadePenny Wade

The season is upon us. Called allergic rhinitus or more commonly hay fever, it is caused by irritants such as pollen from trees or grasses. Dust mites, cat and dog hair, some foods and even cockroa...


Father's Day

Aug 11, 2010   |  Penny WadePenny Wade

This year Father’ Day is Sunday 5 September. This is a day for Dads’ to be celebrated for their contribution to family. I have gift cards which can be used for massage to help the ...




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Winter 2019

In this Winter edition of the newsletter I talk about: herbs and lifestyle to nip a cold in the bud. This season is supposed to be a severe one for the flu, so why not take on  some preventative measures.  The benefits of massage to help multiple sclerosis (MS) sufferers. 

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