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Signs and symptoms that we need to do a detox?

With the excesses of Xmas  over and we are now settled into a regular work and school routine maybe we have a few of the following signs that a detox is needed: 

1. Chronic fatigue and lethargy

2. Muscle aches and pains

3. Brain fog and short term memory

4. Weight gain 

6. Indigestion, constipation and bloating

Benefits of a detox

a) It improves the detox capacity of the liver, bowels and kidneys so that we can better cope with toxins in our environment. 

b) Increased energy

c) Greater mental clarity

d) Reduced stress on the immune system

e) Increase in bodies ability to fight infections.

How long does it take?

A short detox only takes 4 weeks and is for lifestyle issues such as those symptoms mentioned above in order to support the liver and kidneys It does support the gut a bit. A longer detox is 6 to 12 weeks and supports the gut as well as the liver and kidneys if you had many symptoms as indicated by a questionnaire. Three products are used including a probiotic .One product is anti inflammatory, alkalises the sytem,supports the kidneys and gastro-intestial tract whilst the other supports the liver and soothes the intestinal walls.

Diet needs to be modified in all detox porogrammes. Such as no red meat, or starchy foods such as bananas, potatoes and sweet potatoes. Emphasis on white meats, fish,eggs,fresh fruit and vegetables. 2L water a day and no caffeine or alcohol.

If you are interested in doing this programme let me know.









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