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The cold and flu season is well under way and here I am going to suggest some tried and true ways to prevent getting a cold and also some herbs and vitamins to use to stave off the first signs of a cold.

5 ways to prevent a cold/flu developing

  1. Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene - Wash your hands/ hand sanitise all the time - after washing cutlery/crockery, after wiping down surfaces and particularly when out socialising in restaurants and at other peoples homes.  Cover your mouth when sneezing/coughing so as not to spread germs.
  2. Make sure your Vitamin D levels are at the right level. Get tested at your doctor. .Should be 80nm/L minimum. If not take some Vitamin D capsules.
  3. Make sure your zinc levels are OK too. 
  4. Take Echinaceae from April to October. 5mL 3X a day or 1 tablet 2X a day. Echinaceae is an immune modulator so helping the immune system to keep balanced. Plus a probiotic to keep your gut in balance.
  5. Lifestyle inventory - Do I need to make changes re diet, drinking, smoking and stress levels in my work/life balance?


5 ways to reduce the start of symptoms

  1. Use a mix of Andrographis, Holy Basil  plus Echinaceae in a complex.. Well known for reducing symptoms of mild respiratory infections.
  2. Lots of rest with warm fluids for 2 to -4 days such as green tea, other herbal teas and warm water.
  3. Do not eat white foods such as bread, dairy, bananas, pasta as these increase the amount of phlegm in the lungs/throat/sinuses.
  4. Also cut out any simple sugars that are in cakes and chocolate as they are inflammatory.
  5. Take Vitamin C in high doses - 1000mg/day


I hope this helps. There are many other herbal mixes you can use too such as various mushroom mixes, olives and honey. But that can be for another day.

If you need any help for cold mixes or osteoarthritis please give me a call


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