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Why do we get sore necks?

There are numerous reasons but these are a few of them, which you may recognise.

1. Poor posture at the computer or sitting.

2. Settee sitting - side on, propped up on pillows and twisting to watch TV!

3. Bad pillow

4. Repetitive tasks like painting a ceiling or pruning in the garden.

5. An accident - car, ladder, carrying something too heavy

6. Stress compressess the rib cage

7. Shallow breathing into the upper chest instead of deep breathing.

8. Shoulders up and forward or forward neck

9. Thoracic kyphosis

10. Compressed sacrum can cause compression in the neck

And the list goes on! 

What can I do with massage?

  • Gentle stretching of the neck and shoulder area
  • Extensions of the lower back
  • Working on the ribs that may be compressed and back muscles in general.
  • Isometric/resistance work
  • Relaxation of muscles to reduce stress and muscle tension in the body.
  • Massage will increase circulation to the neck, improve inflammation and fluid congestion.
  • All of the above will in turn increase joint mobility and range in the neck.

Plus posture awareness if that is the issue. 9 times of 10 it is the issue!

Pain killers like non steroidal anti inflammatories are useful when you first injure your neck but only for a few days plus a cold pack if it is an acute condition. If it is a chronic condition use a hot pack. Avoid any movements that cause pain but avoid complete rest.


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