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We are in week 10 of the lock down and it seems like forever! However, I am still open if you have some physical or emotional issues as lock down can be very demanding on the body and mind. If you are in the home office most people it seems sit for longer; no rushing off to the coffee machine or down the corridor to talk to a colleague.  Or you may be doing more gardening or home maintenance, lifting heavy pots, mulching, digging, painting overhead  when you are not accustomed to such strenuous activity. Or even using heavier weights in your work out. As a result the back, neck and shoulder pains will rear their ugly heads! Here are some ideas to counteract all this:

  • Are you getting up from your seat and stretching every half hour and combining that with a quick walk around the unit or garden?
  • Are you going out to do some sort of exercise for at least an half hour once a day to focus the eyes on some greenary or water as opposed to concrete or bricks?
  • If you are leaning forward for long periods of time weeding, mulching, painting, cleaning  etc you need to counteract this forward posture by leaning backwards with fists in the lower back. And any twisting movements need to be balanced by  by twisting the other way. There are other exercises I can show you too.

So what am I doing in the clinic to keep you safe?

  1. Opening windows in the clinic room for 1 hour before I begin and also after each client to increase air flow.
  2. Spacing clients 2 hours apart to allow for air flow time and sanitising all surfaces. Sanitiser is available for you too.
  3. Use of QR code on entry plus everyone needs to wear a mask for the duration of time in the clinic.


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