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I have noticed many clients coming to  massage because they have very tight mid backs and shoulders. On investigation they are spending more time on the computer in their home office as opposed to the real office. In the real office there are often more breaks, Going to the  photocopying machine, a coffee down the corridor, a walk at lunch and the computers are often checked by an OH&S person. 

So what can you do about this? 

A. Take a posture check:

a) Make sure you are sitting evenly on your sit bones - this helps your spinal muscles

b) Notice if you are sitting upright

  • Imagine you have a dot on your breast bone and another on your naval. When you sit they should be vertically aligned.

c) Are your shoulders relaxed and dropping down into imaginary pockets on your back. Check they are not up near your ears!

d) Check that your neck/chin is not sticking out, forward.

e) Is your computer set up properly for the arms, legs, lower back and eye positioning? I have a check sheet chart for this if you would like one.

f) Do you need a pillow in your lower back area or a special supportive roll to ptrvent you from slumping? 

So, there is a lot to think about when you sit a lot. I also have some exercises you can do to relieve this tightness.


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Spring is in the air and what better time to look at posture.I am noticing that many clients are getting very tight in their mid backs from slumping at the computer or elsewhere in their lives. Other areas that are suffering include:  lower back shoulders and neck  and amazingly acid reflux. In this Covid age it seems posture has somehow missed out! Fathers' Day is next week end. If you want a gift for any male in your life I have massage gift vouchers. It is not always easy working from home when you are trying to juggle family and work in the same space. 

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