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Penny has a happy and sunny disposition and I am most of the time refreshed and relaxed after her "workouts"
Ian (Cammeray)

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by Penny Wade

Shoulders are one of the most complex joints in the  body and often as some of you know, things go wrong. We can get tendonitis, bursitis, rotator cuff tears, frozen shoulder and much more. 

So, how do you look after your shoulders over your lifetime so you do not get these injuries, assuming you have not had a fall or accident? Remember your shoulder joint and blade are kept in place by many muscles to keep the shoulder strong but mobile.Not only the muscles around the shoulder but muscles elsewhere in the body. In massage we need to look at the whole not just the shoulder area. 

Firstly look at your work

  • Do you work at a computer most of the day or drive a car? ?

So do you keep your shoulders back, down and relaxed so you are not round shouldered or your shoulders are up to your ears? Do you get stressed  in these activities? 

  • Does your job require heavy lifting above shoulder height or doing a repetitive job where your arms  are above shoulder height? Even long term hanging the washing out for a large family can set off shoulder issues! A ladder or stool is a useful tool to have to take the strain off the shoulder joint.
  • Do you use the strength in your arms in a job?

Your upper and lower arm muscles can contribute to shoulder pain.

Secondly, any sport you play

Tennis, swimming, golf etc

In all these sports and other sports shoulder injuries can occur. It is important to warm up, doing mobility and stretching exercises before your chosen sport. Also, not to do the same stroke all the time, e.g. serving all the time, overarm in swimming - mix it up.  Or overtraining.

Your mid and lower back muscles can contribute also to shoulder pain and they need to be kept flexible but strong.

I can show you a variety of stretches as well as strengthening to help the offending muscles.


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