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by Penny Wade

The Cacium Protein duo

Past research has suggested that eating an acidic high protein diet leaches calcium out of your bones. It now turns out that calcium and protein work together. Recent research shows that: 

  • Bone health is not affected by high protein diets of greater than 90g/day. It actually protects bone mineral density of the lumbar spine.  Now 90g of protein is not the weight of a piece of meat but rather the protein in the meat. 10g of protein is equivalent to 45g in weight of red meat, chicken, tuna or hard cheese. One egg contains 10g of protein. 
  • Absorption of calcium through the intestinal wall increased with increased protein intake.
  • And elevation of calcium excretion was due to improved efficiency of calcium absorption rather than skeletal breakdown as was once thought.

So, enjoy your protein breakfasts of eggs, meat or fish to help your bone health.


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