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This is a shortened  version of the ABC documentary by Dr Micharl Mosley called'The truth about getting fit'.I found the programme an eye opener.

1. So what is how fit?

You can do these 2 exercises to see where you are at.

a) Squat to just sit on a chair, arms on chest crossed over for 10X. How long did it take you?It tests leg muscle strength.


Age Men- Secs or < Women - secs or <
<35 10 or < 13 or <
<55 13 or < 15 or <
>55 18 or< 19 or <



b) Step ups - tests aerobic capacity

Step ups on a step, one leg then the other. Step down one leg then the other. Do 10X. Measure pulse immediately after step ups - 






Age Men - beats/min Women - beats/min
<35 <105 <110
<55 <110 <115
>55 <115 <120


How to get fitter?

a) Walking

3X10 mins of brisk walking a day. Equals 3000 steps. Easier to do than 10,000 steps and just as effective.

Goal is 150 mins a week.

b) High intensity training ( H.I.T.)

Done on special bikes in the gymn. Cycled 20 secs flat out x2, 3X a week.. Plus a cool down. Did for 5 weeks. An amazing 24% of glycogen was broken in the muscles. Equivalent to 45 mins of running! Also an 11% improvement in aerobic fitness. 

If you want a home programme for this if you are not a gymn goer let me know and I will email it to you. 

c) Strength training to decrease the loss of muscle mass as we get older

In the experiment they put light weights on one arm or leg and heavier weights on the other. 2. sessions a week for 6 weeks. Lift the weight until you cannot lift any more. 


No difference between the heavy or light weights. Had a 25 % increase in strength over the 6 weeks!

Impact of dancing on the brain

Doing the Salsa had the following benefits:

- Decision making -  Increase of 11%

-Concentration - increase of 13%

- Working Memory (holding lots of ideas) - Increase of 18%

Runners High

I have always thought that a runners' high was to do with endorphins. Apparently not. Another substance called Endo-cannabinoids  give you more of a runners' high. They have a similar structure to cannabis and there is an increase of 30% of them after a run. 


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