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With winter fast approaching this is a check list to help you strengthen your immune system.

1. 70% of our immune system is in the intestines so it pays to look after the good bacteria in the gut via diet and lifestyle.

a) Exchange mucous producing white coloured foods such as white bread, pasta, rice for brown varieties. Eat 5 serves of vegetables and 2 serves of fruit a day. To ward off the 2-3pm sugar slump eat protein snacks such as nuts, salmon or cheese and biscuits instead of sweet biscuits, cakes and chocolates.  The fibre in the brown foods helps the good bugs in the gut.

b) Cut back on refined sugars as these are inflammatory. So instead of the cake and chocolate look at the above foods. Or have low or no sugar alternatives for soft drinks.

c) Drinking liquids at room temperature or warm instead of chilled is much better for your digestion. Having half a squeezed lemon in warm water or apple cider vinegar or warm water on its own first thing in the morning helps to activate the digestive tract. 

d) Drinking  a maximum of 1 glass a day of alcohol with 1 free alcohol day is best for your digestion and immune system.

e) Frequent use of anti biotics kill off the beneficial bacteria.  Try using probiotics such as plain yoghurt or kefir to increase the number of good bugs in the intestines. Alternatively, you can buy probiotics which need to be kept in the fridge. They have more active ingredients in them and work more efficiently than foods. And maybe you will not have to use anti biotics if you use probiotics all the time.

f) Eat food in a relaxed state. Less stressful on the digestive system.

g) Constant physical and emotional stress will keep your nervous system in an uptight state, working hand in hand with the immune system. Alternatives are massage,yoga, tai chi, meditation, exercise or seeing a councillor. 

h) Prolonged use of NSAIDs - neurofen, Mobic can damage the lining of the digestive tract and you can get ulcers, drowsiness and headaches. Alternative herbs are turmeric, Boswellia and Saligesic plus many more.

i) As we age our immune system does not work as efficiently. Our stomach acid is reduced. It is needed to digest protein, calcium and iron but also importantly killing off any bugs that may come in with the food. Using a bitter herb such as gentian - 20 drops in water 15-20 mins before each meal will do wonders or dandelion root liquid. 

So what herbs to use to help prevent a cold?

a) Zinc tablets if tested deficient.

b) 1 multi vitamin a day

c) Echinacea 1mL 3X/day or 1 tablet a day

d) Probiotics - 1 capsule a day

e) Vitamin D3 - If low on testing need to take a specific dose. Promotes activity of white blood cells that fight viruses and bacteria.

If you would like any help with zinc testing I can do that in the clinic. Also, if you would like a long distance travel protocol using Echinaceae let me know and I can mail you out a copy.I have had great results from it and no cold/flu on the holiday!


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