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Prior to Penny I would regularly have to take time off work to contend with back pain, but no more.
David (Artarmon)

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Orthobionomy massage

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by Penny Wade

I participated in an advanced training  recently in this type of massage. This course involved very little touch and was all to do with using energy. It is based on the premise that pain and emotions in our bodies cannot be separated and that energetically we become out of balance. By using energy work we can take the emotion out of the painful/stiff areas in the body and thus reduce the pain. An example is ankle injuries. Afterwards we often walk out of balance one foot relative to the other. Using this technique we can balance the energy in the legs and correct the energetic imbalance. Hopefully with less ankle sprains in the future! This technique is also useful to help resolve whiplash injuries, forward head posture, balance/dizziness and also for kyphosis and scoliosis in backs. Next time I see youI will ask youy if you would like me to use this type of massage as a part of your treatment. It certainly made a difference to me.


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