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Penny has a good knowledge of medical conditions and is able to tailor massage to fit in with any current problems
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Looking after your health in the lead up to Xmas

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by Penny Wade

Life can get very busy from November onwards and here are some health tips to ensure your liver and immune system are up to the job.

  • Your immune system- Keep it stronger by taking either Echinaceae tablets or liquid. Ideally it should contain two types of Echinaceae. E. angustifolia and E. purpurea to work more efficiently as one helps the other.I suggest taking 2 tablets a day or 3 mL of liquid a day. 
  • Your liver - The liver can be overloaded with more rich fatty foods or alcohol than normal. To keep the liver in peak condition I suggest using some liver tablets or liquid which have St Mary's Thistle, dandelion root and Globe Artichoke in the formulation. This improves the break down of fats and also reduces cholesterol levels in the blood. 
  • Your poor gut - bloating and reflux . Often caused by stress, too much alcohol, coffee, processed foods. Can be irritable bowel syndrome or gastro oesophagael reflux. Can lead to an increase of undesirable bacteria in the gut. To help decrease these undesirables and increase the numbers of resident bacteria in the gut a specific probiotic will help . All you need is 1 capsule a day. And to sooth a bloated/inflamed/ gut wall a specific herbal mix that includes slippery elm will do wonders. 

If you would like to  buy or talk to me about any of these herbs please give me a call.


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