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Penny has a happy and sunny disposition and I am most of the time refreshed and relaxed after her "workouts"
Ian (Cammeray)

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Massage and Orthobionomy

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by Penny Wade

a) Lower backs Many of you know that I do Orthobionomy as one of my massage techniques.I compress joints together or move them apart to obtain movement around the joint. The body then realigns itself. In a recent more advanced course we looked at the sacrum and lumbar spine. Any pain in these areas was released using points on the lower leg and behind the knee. This technique is good for lower back pain due to flat backs or excessively curved lower backs( lordosis). The point behind the knee can release tension and pain in the sacrum. b) Clavicles( collar bones), ribs and shoulders We worked on clavicles, very gently to help shoulder imbalances, postural alignment and neck issues. Working on rib 1 can help with shoulder issues whilst working on rib 3 can help to relax the rhomboid muscles in between the shoulder blades. All ribs are associated with breathing fully and any restriction in breathing such as bronchitis or asthma will restrict movement in the ribs. Thus it is very important to work on the ribs to bring movement back into them.


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