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The 5 Golden Rules for posture :

1. If you stick your neck out too far on a computer, texting, cinema or theatre or driving long distance with a bent back, long term you will get a very sore neck and back with possible structural consequences!  So, push your neck back at the chin. There are many other exercises you can do which I can show you. 

2. Sit evenly on your sit bones to balance the hips and help back health.

3. Use a sausage shaped roll to improve posture and help prevent slumping. 

4. If your feet cannot touch the ground at the computer, use a slant board, otherwise you will get a very sore back. 

5. If you work in an office have your keyboard, monitor and desk height checked out to ensure your correct position. Or if you work from home check on-line. 

And if all this does not work visit a massage therapist who will work the muscles and then give you a strengthening/stretching programme to follow. Or maybe some joint manipulation will be required from a physiotherapist, chiropractor or osteopath. 


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