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Xmas is fast approaching  and life is getting more hectic with function and planning going on. So how can you look after yourself whilst still enjoying family and friends? 

So, First Things First.

1. Energy levels and stress

Here are six points to increase your energy levels and decrease your stress

a) Take time to exercise and be in the sunshine. This will increase your endorphines and strengthen the immune system through the Vit D3 and help to decrease stress.Or take time out to do yoga, Tai Chi ,meditate or have a massage

b) Drink at least 2L of water a day to hydrate your system and flush out any accumulation of toxins out through your kidneys. 

c) Limit alcohol to no more than 2 a day with one free day.

d) Eating healthy food is hard but if you have to indulge take some liver herbs discussed below to help your liver cope!

e) Useful herbs and supplements

i) Liver herbs such as St Mary's Thistle, dandelion root and Globe artichoke all help to detox and tone  the liver and cause the liver to produce more bile to break down all those extra fats that have been eaten!

ii) Magnesium to increase energy and reduce cramps in muscles - Taurine in the magnesium helps to ,lower blood pressure whilst Tyrosine added to magnesium helps to increase energy. So depending on what you want there are different magnesiums for different situations.

iii) B vitamins - A good B multivitamin is best. In particular Vit B1 and B5 helps to improve energy production  whilst Vit B6 helps the nervous system. and maintains normal blood sugar levels. So depending on what you you want there are different magnesiums for different situations.

f)  More herbs to relax the body

If you are slightly stressed and anxious herbs like Siberian ginseng, skullcap, licorice and  rehmania  help to strengthen the nervous system or  tone the adrenals. 

Echinaceae as you probably know is an immune strengthening herb but is now known to develop resilience against stress , anxiety and depression.

So, if you would like any advice about surviving the Xmas rush, let me know.


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