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An upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) such as a cold, sinus issues and influenza can develop into a lower respiratory infection such as bronchitis or asthma. And if that is not resolved then pneumonia. I discussed URTIs in my early winter newsletter. So in this later winter newsletter I will discuss how can herbs help bronchitis? 

As for colds the diet should be altered to remove mucous producing foods such as dairy, bananas, avocado, white bread, pasta and rice. 

Also, foods containing refined sugars such as chocolate, cakes, sweets as these sugars are inflammatory and depress the immune system.

Alternative food choices are brown rice, bread and pasta, milks such as almond, soy or rice milk.  Snacks to replace chocolate etc such as nuts, cheese and biscuits. And of course lots of fruit and vegetables.

And if the bronchitis is due to lifestyle such as stress or being in overwhelm then these factors need to be addressed too. So what herbs can help your bronchitis?

Herbs are needed for the infection, inflammation, the cough and also to sooth the airways. Did you know there are different herbs for different types of bronchial cough? One type of herb for dry coughs and another for coughs that bring up lots of phlegm. 

Herbs for infection - Echinaceae which you will know and also surprisingly Pelargonium, those tough geraniums you may have in your garden. Pelargoniums are excellent for bronchitis and tonscillitis.

Herbs to warm the body - bronchitis is a cold disease. Capsicum, garlic or ginger. Garlic as you know is also for infection.

Anti inflamatory herbs such as licorice and Pleurasy root.

Herbs for the cough

a) Productive coughs - Elecampagne and White Horehound, although there  are many others too.

b) Dry cough - Common Thyme, Pleurasy root  plus many others

Soothing herbs 

Marshmallow, licorice but not the type you buy as confectionary!

As you can see there is quite an array of herbs for bronchitis depending on your symptoms.

There are also lots of supplements you can use for lung health. In particular Chinese mushroom mixes which include Reishi mushrooms and Cordyceps mushrooms. Cordyceps mushrooms  are used to sooth the lungs,disperse phlegm and for chronic cough and wheezing, whilst the reishi mushroom is used for infection, phlegmy coughs and chronic bronchitis. Both mushrooms are anti inflammatory, antioxidant and regulate the immune system. Quite an impressive repertoire.

If you have a cold/flu or bronchitis I can help you reduce your symptoms through lifestyle and herbs. 


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