Posted in General by Penny WadePenny Wade on 25 April 2014

I did another orthobionomy course a few week ends ago. This is a very gentle type of massage developed by a Canadian osteopath. In this type of massage gentle pressure or traction are applied to joints and this releases tension in muscles through the nervous system. When we have physical or emotional trauma to the body, we compensate by using new sets of muscles in conjunction with our nervous system. Whilst orthbionomy cannot correct these old patterns, we can create new patterns. We go behind the tension to release it. So, with whiplash , which actually stretches the neck muscles and joints too far, we may find that traction rather than compression is more beneficial. With lower back pain tight muscles pull vertebrae out of alignment. By relaxing the muscles the discs pull the spine back into alignment. I include orthobionomy in my treatments to improve outcomes. 


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