Posted in General by Penny WadePenny Wade on 20 April 2013

I went to a workshop recently on knee issues and pain. I will summarise the findings. Useful information for those of you with knee pain.

  • We are a nation of sitters! As a result we often get weak buttock muscle and hence knee problems. In conjunction with weak buttock muscles hamstring muscles have to work harder and thus get tighter.
  • If we have a forward head posture, working at a computer long hours, the neck muscles at the base of the skull  become very tight and we then get tight hamstrings. 
  • Knee pain or swelling can be caused by weak muscles on the inside of the knee, plus weak buttock muscles. Strenthening these muscles can resolve the issue.
  • Uneven hip heights and hip rotation can cause knee and thigh problems.

As you can see knee issues are very complex and all of the above are only a part of some knee problems.


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