Posted in General by Penny WadePenny Wade on 12 July 2012

Welcome to the cooler months. The season for respiratory infections! It is also the season for long distance travel. Most of you have heard of Echinaceae, a herb used to fight respiratory infections. Well, recent research has shown that taking Echinaceae once a cold has started only gives you minimum protection.And taking it before a cold is likely to occur, during stressful periods like exams, work and relationship issues, or before or during long distance travel as a preventative, reduces the likelihood of getting an infection. In a trial involving long distance travellers, those that took 2 tablets a day prior to travel and 4 per day during travel protected themselves from subsequent infections. I have always used Echinaceae from April to October. And Echinaceae root is better than flowering tops. Once a cold has begun, olive leaf, Andrographis and other herbs are more effective, plus loads of Vitamin C ,A and zinc. So if you want me to make up a liquid mix for colds, or as a preventative such as Echinaceae in liquid or tablet form give me a call.


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