Posted in General by Penny WadePenny Wade on 13 August 2010

The season is upon us. Called allergic rhinitus or more commonly hay fever, it is caused by irritants such as pollen from trees or grasses. Dust mites, cat and dog hair, some foods and even cockroach droppings can also affect some people! Those lovely golden flowered wattle trees are beginning to flower but not so good if you suffer from hay fever! Most of you who show the characteristic symptoms of sneezing, itching eyes, watery eyes, inflammation of the nasal passages and sometimes a sinus headache across the brows will know all about it!

So from a herbal point of view I can help reduce the inflammatory and allergic response, strengthen the immune system, and treat the acute symptoms of catarrh, that blocked up feeling. Other herbs may need to be used if the allergy is deep seated. So, if you would like some help with your hay fever give me a call or e-mail me to make an appointment.


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