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Penny has been practising massage since 1987 and Herbal Medicine since 1996. She has also taught massage since 1989.
Penny's commitment to you is to make a difference to your health and wellbeing.


Dear clients,

Over the Xmas period I will only be closed on 25,26, 27 Dec and Jan1. 

This newsletter contains some interesting news on:

  • helping scar tissue to heal
  • Ways to help you combat stress and insomnia which is often an issue for many people in the run up to Xmas.
  • Comfortable Xmas gifts for sale.

Insomnia and Stress


Insomnia and Stress

Ever suffered from lack of sleep due to an overactive mind?Very common at this time of the year. The insomnia may also be related to anxiety or stress where a continual onslaught of smaller stressors over a long period of time can lead to adrenal exhaustion. This results in ongoing symptoms of anxiety, fatigue and an inability to sleep.So, what can you do about this? To resolve the issue we need to look at it  holistically.Looking at behavioural, emotional, physical, dietary and herbal approaches.  

Some lifestyle changes include:

  1. Staying away from caffeine, alcohol and tobacco for at least 2 hours if not 4 hours before going to  bed and avoiding a heavy meal within 2 hours of going to bed as this can cause gastric upset. 
  2. Minimise technology distractions such as use of a mobile, tablet or TVbefore bedtime as these are connected to stress and sleep disorders.
  • Nutritional and herbal support include vitamin B complex, magnesium specifically for your condition and herbal support. There are many herbal  formulations depending on the type of insomnia or stress you have. If you find it hard to get to sleep there is a different formulation to if you wake up in the middle of the night! I do a 'Mood and Stress Less ' questionnare with you to determine which product is best suited to you.  So, if you would like some help with sleep issues, give me a call.

Massage and scar tissue healing

Massage and Scar Tissue Healing 

If you have ever had surgery or torn a muscle, tendon or ligament scar tissue in the form of adhesions or cheloid scars will form.This tissue is not as strong as the original tissue because the fibrils instead of being aligned are in a criss cross pattern. Orthobionomy, a type of massage I do allows the scar tissue cells to re-align themselves and the injury to become stronger. Even old scars of 20 plus years can be worked on! 

Xmas Gifts

Useful Xmas Gifts

1. If you are travelling long distances a back rest is a great piece of equipment to support the back. The beauty of this is it is portable and can go in the carry on luggage or rucksack. $28

2. Very comfortable Sox, with aromatherapy oils and aloe vera in them. Ribs under the sole increase comfort too. Colours include, white, turquoise, orange, lemon, cherry red and lime. Mens' sox are black with a fine coloured stripe. Styles are ankle or calf length. Great for bush walking, the office or if you are on your feet all day. $ 8.95-11.95

Quote of the quarter

' Try to make the feelings and actions of Christmas part of your everyday life' - from Outback wisdom by Sara Henderson.

Have a great Xmas and New Year and safe travels wherever you go. And I look forward to working with you again.

Kind Regards

Peny Wade

Massage therapist and Herbalist