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Penny has been practising massage since 1987 and Herbal Medicine since 1996. She has also taught massage since 1989.
Penny's commitment to you is to make a difference to your health and wellbeing.

Dear clients,

This is the Autumn edition of the newsletter. It includes: 

  • Important information regarding my business e-mail address which is changing slightly.
  • Vitamin D and its importance to your health
  • How you can use massage and herbs to reduce the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome

House Keeping

My business e-mail address will shortly beome inactive. Please replace it with my new e-mail address:

[email protected]

Vitamin D Status and Your Health

Did you know that despite all the sunshine we have in Australia,  on average 84% of Australians are deficient in Vitamin D!

This Vitamin D deficiency has been attributed to the 'Slip, Slop, Slap' campaign to reduce skin cancer and the fact that many of us stay away from sunshine. 

So, what are acceptable levels of Vitamin D? A good level in a blood test is 80-135 nmoL/L. In a sunny country such as Australia 135-225 nmol/L is acceptable. 

How can I increase my Vitamin D levels?

1. Use a Vitamin D capsule. A 1000IU capsule taken for 8-12 weeks will increase your Vitamin D levels by 25nmol/L. Then retest at your Doctor. 

2. Spend time in the sun. Recommended times for summer are: 10 mins per day from 10- noon and in winter 20-30 mins per day at midday- 2pm. All very impractical, hence the capsules. 

Why is Vitamin D so important to our health?

  • Improves bone and muscle health so we are less prone to osteoporosis and weak muscles.
  • Maintaind a healthy immune function - Low levels of Vit D contribute to cancers such as lung, breat and colorectal. 
  • Reduce inflammatory and auto immune diseases such as acute arthritis and multople sclerosis.
  • Reduce hogh blood pressure and prevent the development of type ! diabetes. 


Non surgical treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndromease

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common form of nerve entrapment of the wrists in Australia and New Zealand. It effects up to 195,000 Australians annually. 

Some of my clients have had carpal tunnel syndrome and subsequent surgery but this research suggests that surgery may be avoided through the use of massage and natural anti inflammatories. I found that massage alone did not prevent surgery but did help relieve pressure on the median nerve.

Symptoms are: Pain and numbness in the fingers and a reduction in hand strength. 

Common treatments include non steroidal anti inflammatories,cortico-steroid injections and management of tendonitis. Surgery is the last resort.

Who is at most risk of getting carpal tunnel syndrome?

Anyone who uses a computer excessively . As a result more and more people are presenting with the symptoms. 

Case Study

The patient presented with a pain score of 6/10. The pain was worse with fine hand movements, and at night. It improved with heat and a wrist brace.

Over a 5 week period the use of massage plus gut friendly anti inflammatories, fish oils and nutrition for stress all helped prevent this woman from having surgery. Her pain reduced down to 2/10, she no longer woke up at night due to pain and she only had a few sharp episodes of pain. A great result with no need for surgery. 

Quote of the quarter

' God does not command that we do great things, only little things with love' - Mother Theresa

Have an enjoyable autumn with the balmy weather .

Penny Wade 

Massage Therapist and Herbalist

02 9436-0306