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In my last newsletter I discussed correct posture for gardening and housework focusing on general posture, weeding and pruning up high plus a few stretches. Today I am going to discuss further ways to look after your body whilst lifting heavy weights, sweeping and raking. This is the time of year when we are tidying up the garden or balcony to make it spick and span for entertaining.

First up think of gardening as a sport where you need to do some warm ups to get your body ready for activity. 

1. Clench and flex the hands

2. Swing your legs back and forth from the hips.

3. From a standing position pull your legs backwards towards your buttocks to stretch your thighs

4. Roll your hips in circles like a belly dancer. 

A. Lifting heavy weights such as pots, potting mix, mulch, soil

a) Have your legs and feet well apart to create a stable base

b) Stick your hips out as in a rugby scrum

c) Bring the load right under you, under the shoulders and abdomen. If the load is too far away you will hurt your back.

d) Lift up the load using your legs to drive you; not your back

Know your load limits. Get help if needs be.

B. Sweeping and raking

This is equivalent to vacuuming and you can easily strain your back!

  • Use your whole body, not just your arms and back, which can lead to too much twisting
  • Keep the movement loose and fluid, change hands to balance out the muscle work on your back.

And as I said in the last newsletter lean backwards into your fists in your lower back to stretch the muscles the opposite way to sweeping.


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