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In 2015 a report by the International agency for Research on Cancer, that advise WHO, sent attention grabbing headlines around the world. To get things in perspective this is a precised version of the findings.

  • They concluded that processed meat causes cancer i.e. salami type meats, sausages, hot dogs, bacon. Processed means, salting, smoking, fermentation or the addition of additives. Their warning was : For every 50g of processed meat eaten a day( about 2 slices of bacon) this increases your risk of bowel cancer over a lifetime by 18 %. 1 sausage a week will not be a risk. 
  • Red meat includes pork.probably cause cancer. So thery recommend eating no more than 455g a week. 
  • Grilling or bbqing at high temperatures causes the meat to char producingHCAs on the surface of the meat which have been shown to increase cancer risk. So, to counter this marinate the meat first. 
  • The following lifestyle factors that can reduce the risk of cancer are shown in the table below. 




LIfestyle factor Cancers where risk is lowered
Fibre Colorectal
Wholegrains Colorectal
Non-starchy vegetables Oral cavity, oesophagus, breast, lung
Physical activity Colorectal, breast, oesophagus, pancreas, liver, endometrial
Lactation Breast, ovarian
Dairy foods Colorectal, brteast
Coffee Liver, endometrium
Fish Liver, colorectal
Fruit oesophagus, lung





The bolded cancers are where evidence is considered convincing or probable. 

Table developed by the World Cancer Research fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research.





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